Kay Bojesen in Trapholt Museum of Modern Art and Design, Kolding Denmark
As from September 13 until June 10th of 2019 Trapholt Museum presents the largest exhibition ever created about one of Denmark’s most beloved designers; Kay Bojesen. The exhibition is called ‘Kay Bojesen – The Joy in Danish Design’

Herr Nillson at the exhibition
My work ‘four seasons in one play’ is part of this exhibition. It shows how Kay Bojesens monkey is still relevant and used nowadays. The work contains 4 large pieces (180 x 180 cm) on lightboxes that show 36 pictures in total of Herr Nilsson in the 4 seasons of the year.

‘I’m very proud to be part of this large exhibition’

Largest Bojesen exhibition ever
Created in collaboration with Aarhus University and University College Copenhagen, the Trapholt exhibition brings out entirely new perspectives on Kay Bojesen and his work. Spanning 900 m2 of floor space, it showcases the extensive array of toys, silver and applied arts created by Kay Bojesen.

Read more about the exhibition and the opening hours of the museum at the Trapholt website